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Areola Tattooing

“As an artist, working with design, color and making a difference in the lives of others every day is very fulfilling.“
Jill’s specialized training in permanent makeup have given her the ability to work with a diverse clientele.

Areola and 3D Nipple Tattooing

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After breast reconstruction, restorative areola and nipple tattooing are considered the last step in a long journey. Breast reconstruction may or may not include nipple reconstruction. Either way, there is no color defining the area. Artistic tattoo techniques can create a 3D nipple tattoo for those opting out of the nipple surgery. The goal with the 3D nipple is the illusion of protrusion.
Jill Hoyer, the permanent makeup artist, along with yourself, will choose the new areola nipple placement, size, shape, and color to provide for a realistic outcome. Preoperative photos may be used for size and color inspiration or you may want to choose a new color that goes with your skin tone. The color and detail may require more than one tattoo procedure done 6 weeks apart.
Although topical anesthetics are available, most clients have little sensation during the procedure. After drawing the outline of the areola and nipple the tattoo process begins. You may feel a  vibrating sensation while needles transfer pigment into your skin. The entire process takes about 1 hour. Aftercare is simple and given to you at your appointment. You may resume most activities aside from swimming for 2 weeks.

Does Insurance Pay for Areola Tattooing?

Northern CA Kaiser Permanente Patients: Your doctor can initiate a referral.

All Others: We provide you with a superbill (a specialized receipt), for possible reimbursement. Some insurance companies require a pre-authorization you can initiate prior treatment. You may also need a letter of medical necessity from your doctor.

Jill is referred to by prominent Bay Area Plastic Surgeons. She is passionate about areola tattooing and is involved with colleagues in establishing areola tattoo awareness and setting forth industry standards.

“Areola tattooing is generally the last step in a long journey, and being part of it is amazing,” says Jill.

Cosmetic areola tattooing is for those who desire more color and a fuller size areola.
This is not covered by insurance.

* On a case by case basis we do restorative medical tattoos for facelift scars, accident scars and scalp scars.


We are privileged to receive referrals from several San Francisco Bay Area
doctors including plastic surgeons, here are a few:

Kaiser Permanente
Contracted for Northern CA
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KP doctor referral required


R. Laurence Berkowitz M.D.
Kamakshi R. Zeidler M.D.
Aesthetic &
Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


Melody Lynd, M.D.
Plastic Surgery
Beautiful Intentions


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Robert D. Foster M.D.
UCSF Medical Center
Breast Care
Plastic Surgery

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